AMC Theater Renovations

Starting later this summer, Newport on the Levee, one of the region’s most popular retail entertainment centers, will undergo a bold revitalization to provide guests with the best moviegoing amenities available anywhere. The multi-million theater makeover and AMC’s lease extension through 2032 are sure signs of Newport on the Levee’s importance as an entertainment hub.


Beyond its role as a retail and entertainment center, Newport on the Levee is a gathering place for the community. With the aquarium, restaurants, AMC Newport on the Levee 20 and Riverwalk, it hosts more than 3 million visitors per year. Keeping this important landmark vibrant is something that the team at Newport on the Levee takes very seriously.  


“We are dedicated to providing the best entertainment experiences for our guests,” said Harold Dull, general manager of Newport on the Levee.  


The renovated theaters  promise to thrill movie audiences with updates including comfortable recliners, regionally unique concessions, completely revamped interiors and more.


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Coming soon to the AMC Newport on the Levee 20 theaters:

Plush Power Recliners

The stars of this epic renovation are the incredibly comfortable red-leather recliners to be installed in every theater. These “AMC Signature power plush” recliners provide both full power reclining and a generous 54-inch width. Moviegoers can sit back, relax and sink in for the definitive cinema experience. 

“Guests will love these plush recliner chairs,” said Dull. “They are state of the art and provide a guest-friendly experience.” Learn more about the recliner seating at AMC.  

Reserved Seating

The new seating upgrades will also allow moviegoers to pick their seats when purchasing tickets. This service provides an anxiety-free ticketing experience and reduces stress for guests. No more rush to get to the theater early.

“Online or onsite, reserved seating lets moviegoers pick the exact seat they want when they make their moviegoing plans,” said Vanessa Rovekamp, director of marketing at Newport on the Levee. “This provides our guests with the confidence that their specific seat will be waiting for them when they arrive at the theater.”

Better Technology and a Superior Customer Experience

Taking technology to the next level, theaters will be upgraded with new movie screens, speakers and sound systems, including the most technologically advanced sight, screen and sound features with Dolby Cinema at AMC.


Regionally Unique Concession Upgrades

Playing a supporting role, the concessions will also receive an upgrade including Coca-Cola Freestyle and bar upgrades to the existing MacGuffin’s Bar. Additionally, the AMC Newport on the Levee 20 concessions will include a new Feature Fare menu with a nod to local German heritage.

Complete Interior Enhancements

When the renovation is complete, AMC Newport on the Levee 20 will have a pristine look and feel. In addition to the movie-going enhancements, AMC will also incorporate new design elements to the theatre, including a remodeled food and beverage area, fresh paint and new carpet throughout the building. Every detail right down to the colors of the bathroom walls will be all new, modern and revitalized.


“Everything the customer sees, touches and feels in their experience will be updated,” Dull said. “Along with AMC, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and providing the best experience for our guests in the industry.”


Open for Business


Using a phased approach, the AMC Newport on the Levee 20 will remain open throughout the project. Renovations should not impact the customer experience.


“This investment is significant,” Dull said. “We have the largest theater company in the world, investing in the largest theater in the region. The renovations will bolster AMC Newport on the Levee 20’s status as one of the top theaters in the Cincinnati market.”



Rave Reviews from Other AMC Remodel/Renovation Cities

"Hands down, the nicest cinema around."

- Katrina, Yelp Review


“Definitely more upscale than your typical mall experience.”

- Mari, Yelp Review


“My new favorite movie complex!”

– Charles, Google Review



Stellar Events

To celebrate this historic investment in the region, Newport on the Levee will roll out unique promotions that guests will love. From plush-seating test drives to theater previews, the team at Newport on the Levee is marking the occasion in grand Hollywood style.


Stay tuned for more details here. 




AMC Newport on the Levee 20 Renovation Project Facts


AMC Newport on the Levee 20

Theater Level Inside Gallery Building

1 Levee Way #4100

Newport, KY 41071

Key Facts

            Groundbreaking:  July 18, 2017

            Scheduled Completion: Fall 2017

            Cost: A multi-million dollar investment in the region

            Project Leadership:  

            Design and Construction:  


Before and After Design Gallery


AMC Newport on the Levee 20 Renovation Facts

Creating vitality in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region

AMC Newport on the Levee 20 renovations will be good for the region

Newport on the Levee provides a state-of-the-art dining and movie theater experience where guests can park their car once and enjoy a relaxing night out in a vibrant riverfront environment. Walkable streetscapes reminiscent of an old-style town square bustle with life and dining choices. Enhancing the moviegoing experience to match the atmosphere will provide the greater Cincinnati region with more choices for entertainment, contributing to the economic vitality of the region.

Other Renovation Benefits

The moviegoing community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region will experience the benefit of more choices. This additional option in the region will meet movie fans’ demands for more state-of-the-art options and theaters with recliners in Cincinnati.  

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

AMC Newport on the Levee 20 will continue to provide access for Americans with disabilities during the renovation.

German American Food Offerings

The enhanced Featured Fare menu offerings will include items with a nod to the region’s German heritage.


Key Dates 


Here's a look at Newport's colorful history and Newport on the Levee's place in that picture. 



Newport is established by James Taylor and named in honor of Admiral Christopher Newport.


Newport receives a major boost when the Army agrees to build a military outpost here.


The population of Newport grows to 1,000 people.


Mass transit in the form of mule driven streetcars arrives in Newport.


Electricity comes to Newport and Newport native John Thompson invents the Thompson Machine Gun (“Tommy Gun”) that becomes known nationwide for its use by gangsters.


The gangsters become a notorious part of Newport’s history during this decade.


Much of Newport is under water in what would go down in history as Newport’s worst natural disaster to date.


The floodwall that is part of the Levee’s landscape is completed.


Newport sees turbulent times with gambling halls and Vegas-style nightclubs.


Newport’s revitalization begins and residents begin restoring the East Row’s historic homes nearby.


The city creates the redevelopment area where the Newport Aquarium and Newport on the Levee would eventually take shape.


Construction of the Newport Aquarium begins.


Newport on the Levee takes shape.


AMC places a huge vote of confidence in the region with a multi-million-dollar renovation of the AMC Newport on the Levee 20.


Newport is a center of community, tourism and a hot bed of development.



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City of Newport: Newport History Then and Now: The rise and fall of 'Sin City'



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