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Make Music Cincinnati on the Levee

Wednesday, June 21st

10AM to 9PM

Join the worldwide celebration of music! What started 40 years ago in France on the Summer Solstice, has turned into a musical holiday where free music would be everywhere. 

Beginning at 10AM, Newport on the Levee will host a new musical performer every hour until 9PM. We will also have a complimentary harmonica lesson at 12:30PM on The Plaza! 

Schedule of Events

10AM - 11AM Randy Wallace

12:30PM - 1:15PM Complimentary Harmonica Lesson with Brandon Voorhees

3PM - 4PM Stick & Bindle

4PM - 5PM Mavenne

5PM - 6PM Kryst Kruer

7PM - 7:45PM John Porter Ladd Jr. 

7:45PM - 9PM The Laurelys

The event is complimentary to attend.

If you are interested in becoming involved in our events or learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please complete the application in the link here.

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