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Our favorite part of Bridgeview Box Park is the variety of options you will find for food and drink. On Wednesday we talked about quenching your beer and wine cravings with Wooden Cask Brewing. Today, we are excited to announce that Second Sight Spirits will be joining Bridgeview Box Park to satisfy the needs of those who like their refreshments on the stronger side – Bourbon, Rum, Moonshine and they’ve concocted the secret recipe for Queen Mab! Founded and owned by high school best friends Carus Waggoner and Rick Couch, this duo wanted a distillery that was focused on guest experience and given their roots, we think they can back up that claim up. Out of college, both friends found themselves building sets and providing creative support for Cirque du Soleil and other big-time productions in Las Vegas, Nevada. In their travels they met a mutual friend named George who had a dream of starting his own distillery in Las Vegas. However, Nevada at the time (2011) didn’t allow craft distilling. Enlisting the help of Rick and Carus the three fought to change Nevada’s distilling laws and eventually won. They fell in love with the art of distilling so much so that they were teaching workshops to students from Michigan State University. Carus and Rick had a dream of opening their own distillery and later found themselves opening Second Sight Spirits in Ludlow, Kentucky. You will find a multitude of cocktail options such as the smoked cherry rum limeade, black and blueberry mixed mojitos, and much more. Since joining the Box Park, the two have been working on a Levee exclusive cocktail their dubbing ‘Levee Tea,’ a Bourbon mixed with blueberry iced tea. If you’re looking to kick back and enjoy a nice slow sip with your view, Second Sight Spirits is here for you. #MeetTheBoxPark

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One Levee Way

Newport, KY 41071

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