Website Information & Privacy Policy

We are concerned about your privacy and have formulated a privacy policy for your review.

How did I get subscribed to the email newsletter?

We do not subscribe people without their specific request. If you do not recall subscribing to the Levee newsletter, it's possible a friend or relative subscribed you. It is simple to unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive further emails and the instructions are covered below.

How do I remove myself from the Newport on the Levee Invitation email newsletter list?

You may unsubscribe using the 'unsubscribe' link on any newsletter you receive. It's best to unsubscribe using the newsletter link because it contains all the information needed to automatically remove you from the database.

What is the policy on solicitation of tenants?

Newport on the Levee does not permit solicitation of its tenants or guests. We extend this policy to our online (website) presence as well. Because many of our tenants do not have "in-house" access to email at their business location, emails received at their Newport on the Levee website addresses are answered by the Webmaster or a member of the Newport on the Levee management team when possible, and, forwarded via fax or hand-delivery to tenants when their personal attention is required. Positive and negative feedback comments are always welcome. Solicitation emails are discarded.

Persons wishing to solicit tenants for charitable donations or business purposes are advised to contact tenants by telephone or regular mail to request assistance and an appointment to discuss needs. You will find this contact information on each tenant's individual page on the website. Use our directories to reach these tenant pages.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

We have created and will add new features in the future to the Newport on the Levee website. If you wish to use these features, you may be asked to share certain information with us. We respect your right to privacy and want you to know why we may ask for information and what happens to it after it is collected.

When you send our tenants email via their individual web page

Many of our tenants do not have email service available at their locations, or, may not check it frequently. Your email, when sent via this website, is received by the Newport on the Levee Webmaster and is answered as soon as possible. We do not collect your email address in this process without your permission and we do not share your information without your permission. We answer email for our tenants (with regard to general questions) to assure you receive a timely response.

We don't permit the solicitation of business or charitable donations of our tenants via the Newport on the Levee website. We have a "no solicitation" policy in the offline or "real world" at Newport on the Levee and we extend this policy to our online world so solicitation emails sent via the 'send comment' function on a tenant page will not be forwarded.

When you opt to receive email from individual tenants via our email form

In order to provide you with invitations for events and offers that will interest you, you have the option of sharing your preferences in activities and tenants at Newport on the Levee. We do not offer any of our emailing address lists for sale to bulk emailers. If we do provide your email address to a third party, it will be at your specific request.

The definition of 'cookies'

Cookies are created by the websites you visit much like your dry cleaner creates a claim check for you. You leave the dry cleaner with your claim check and when you return, you pick up what you dropped off.

Our cookies do not follow you from our website to other websites. They cannot gather information from your hard drive about who you are, where you live, how much money you make or what your credit card numbers are. Our cookies simply allow our website to recognize you when you return so that we can make your visit more personal and relevant to your interests.

Cookies are stored in files your browser keeps and can be deleted by you at any time. If you don't revisit a website for awhile, your browser may do the deleting for you.

We use cookies to understand which offers or invitations are meaningful to our visitors. If we are interested in more detailed information about you, we will always ask for it in an open way and will only share that information with your permission.

Keeping your information secure

We use reasonable precautions to keep the personal information you disclose to us secure.

General Privacy

From time to time, you may find links on our site to outside parties' sites (for example, our tenants' corporate websites). We cannot control their privacy policies and can only recommend that if privacy is of concern to you that you seek out and read their privacy statements prior to disclosing any personal information while visiting these sites.

While Newport on the Levee is very much a place where families can enjoy time together, we are also home to venues for adult patrons. Our online presence will reflect the interests of both of these groups. We encourage parents to monitor their children's activities while visiting any online property, including our own. We will never ask visitors under 18 years of age for information about themselves or their families. If your child wishes to enter an online contest (without age restrictions) hosted on this website, we ask that you enter for them.

We are always receptive to your thoughts and concerns about privacy, interactivity, and content on the Internet -- specifically on this site. The Internet is a rapidly expanding universe for all of us. If there is something we can do to make the experience faster, more pleasant, more reliable, or more trustworthy we want to hear from you. Please send those suggestions to us via our Contact Us page .