Par 3

Location at The Levee
Mezzanine Level inside The Gallery


New recreational concept Par 3 takes an innovative and modern approach to traditional mini golf. Focused on competitive socializing, the brand merges interactive gameplay with a vibrant, lively atmosphere to engage guests of all skill levels and ages. Its 16,927-square-foot space at The Levee will debut three different nine-hole courses featuring uniquely designed, over-the-top themes, including a few nods to local sports teams. In addition to mini golf, the venue will house a full bar and indoor and outdoor dining areas complete with vibrant décor, big-screen televisions, a dedicated gaming zone, and a VIP section for large private groups. On the menu, foodies can expect visually appealing, high-end, shareable small plates coupled with purposefully extravagant specialty cocktails. Along with individual gaming and dining experiences for groups and families, Par 3 plans to offer corporate memberships for special events, team-building activities, and more.