Immersive Gamebox

Location at The Levee
Promenade Level

Sunday – Thursday 11AM to 9PM
Friday – Saturday 11AM to 10PM
Co-founded in 2018 by CEO Will Dean and CFO David Spindler, Immersive Gamebox (IGB) uses proprietary technology to create meaningful human connections through social gaming. Players use their bodies as controllers to navigate through digital adventures that can only be successfully completed through collaboration. Instead of using headsets, guests wear 3D motion tracking visors to control the interactive smart rooms known as “gameboxes.” High-quality projection mapping, touch screen walls and surround sound systems are also used to make the environment truly interactive. Designed by the company’s in-house game studio, IGB currently offers a library of 15 intuitive games, with new options launching monthly for players aged five and up to explore.